PROMMA Property Management

Property Management

Our property management division works to perform and streamline the policies of the property and execute duties such as fee, maintenance dues and rent collections, compliance with laws, bylaws, and rules and oversight of outsourced tasks.

Our services involve ongoing negotiations, marketing, leasing, or renting real estate for an owner, collecting rent money, and holding that money for an owner. We will align planning to execution in a way that keeps in touch with the concerns of everyone involved.

Our focus is to manage communities under Puerto Rico’s access control law (Currently under the Municipal Code of Puerto Rico, Chapter 1 of Book 3, and before under P.R. Law #21 of 1987 and P.R. Law # 22 of 1992), condominium law (P.R. Law #129 and rental housing/projects such as Section 8, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and P.R. Law 173 of 1996 (Senior Housing), among others. Furthermore, we manage small to medium size commercial space/buildings and individual investment properties.

We offer competitive fees, while committing to the achievement of the highest level of customer satisfaction, always thinking and acting as and for the property owner(s).

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